Brexit or Bremain?

Brexit or Bremain?
For the first time in my (longish) voting life I truly feel the weight of my ballot paper, and it’s getting heavier every day.
Six reasons:
1. Despite its weight, my vote is in no danger of plummeting into the non-proportional representation political abyss of previous elections; there are no ‘safe seats’ here to buffer my decision should it turn out to be a disastrous one. In a referendum every vote counts. Really counts. I must face the fact that it’s my democratic duty to pick between two outcomes of seemingly equal complexity and unpredictability… armed only with this rectangle of paper and a pen. I have one very small vote. But it counts very much indeed. And I tremble.
3. The voting choice, though worrisomely sucking matters like the future wellbeing of suffering migrants into its cruel vortex, seems in reality to be embedded in what is, at least for me, the unfathomable world of economics.
4. It’s not abundantly clear whose explanation of this unfathomable-ness is truthful and unbiased.
5. The opposing sides are hurling huge dollops of Fear Factor into the debate, just for good measure, in an attempt to scare the rest of us witless.
6. ‘Der Spiegel’ says our PM played the Sorcerer’s apprentice when he called this referendum and inadvertently let something destructive and uncontrollable out of a box. Perhaps so, but I think it’s best to stop my ears to such highly suspiciously self-interested rumblings from Central Europe, which increasingly resemble the disgruntled mutterings of the Sorcerer himself; stomping back to sort out his half-witted apprentice’s chaos.
7. Perhaps it all boils down to who we trust. In their last photo-shoots the chief Bremainers definitely looked less loony than the chief Brexiters (who were bobbing down the Thames like a flotilla of pirates at the time; squirting their opponents with hoses). (Give me strength).
8. And then I remember God. I remember that he is good and sovereign and utterly to be trusted, that he holds the universe in capable hands, and already knows the outcome. I remember that I can trust all outcomes to him, and that I can pray.
9. And breathe.